• Full service Instrumentation and Control System Integration Firm
  • Talented staff of Engineers
  • Trained ISA CCST Technicians
  • Experienced In-House UL 508A Panel Shop
  • Preferred XL Reporter System Integrator
  • Rockwell System Integrator
  • OSHA Confined Space Certified Technicians
  • Members of ISA – International Society of Automation

What We Do

  • Offer Emergency Service Support
  • Design & Fabricate Custom Control Panels
  • Configure Industrial Ethernet and Fiber Optic Networks
  • Conduct Radio Communication Surveys
  • Design SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) Systems
  • Program OIT/HMI Process Graphic Displays
  • Trend Historical Data
  • Execute/Perform Control System Integrations
  • Program Numerous PLC Software Types, Such as Allen Bradley, GE, Siemens, Mitsubishi, FANUC, Modicon, Emerson ControlWave, etc.
  • Calibrate Instrumentation, Level, Flow, Temperature, Pressure, Analyzers (pH, DO, Nitrate, Phosphate, Chlorine, Gas)
  • Offer Long Term Maintenance Contracts
  • Create Custom CAD Schematic Drawings
  • Generate Detailed Operation Reports
  • Configure Alarm Notification Software

Industries We Serve

  • Water Treatment Wastewater Treatment
  • Machine Tool Landfill Monitoring & Control
  • Industrial Wastewater Processing Automation
  • Solutions Material Handling Ground Water
  • Remediation Packaging

Knapp Engineering, Inc. has been serving the municipal and industrial markets throughout the Northeast since 1989. We provide engineered control systems by integrating process instruments, controllers and interface devices for process automation, equipment monitoring and control, alarm reporting and data retrieval.

We maintain a staff of engineers, trained technicians and an in-house UL 508A Panel Shop to support the integration of control systems and project management. Our systems include the development of interconnection wiring diagrams, fabrication of control panels, programming of PLC’s, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (process control displays, historical trending, report generation), radio and cellular modem communications, Ethernet/fiber optic/radio communication networks, operator interface terminals, installation supervision, system start up and personnel training.

We have extensive experience in pump controls with variable frequency drives, flow/level/pressure monitoring, pH/chemical control, several programmable logic controllers and SCADA HMI development. Our staff has a wide knowledge base of water/wastewater treatment processes, which have been applied to Ethernet networks for control and monitoring. Field Service Technicians and Engineers are assigned and readily available for on-site assistance with construction, testing and startup as required for the project needs.

Our Accredidations: