Current Projects

Knapp Engineering’s Future Bids as of 03/03/2024:

Knapp Engineering is currently working on the following projects out to bid. If you are interested in getting more information about a bid, or are bidding on any of these projects and would like to receive our scope and proposal, please email us at:

  • 12/6/23 Shuttle Meadow PS Rehab (Plainville, CT)
  • 12/7/23 Oakridge WTP Upgrades (Lewisboro, NY)
  • 12/15/23 Hemlock WTP Phosphate & Chem Feed & Storage Improvements (Fairfield, CT)
  • 12/15/23 Easton WTP Caustic Chemical Feed & Storage Improvements (Easton, CT)
  • 12/20/23 Water Telemetry & Control Systems Upgrade (Ware, MA)
  • 1/3/24 Plainville Booster Stations Upgrade (Plainville, CT)

Are we missing something? Let us know if there are any bids that that we can help provide our services on –