SCCRWA Remote Sites Project Upgrade
(Greater New Haven Area Pump Stations)

  • Upgrade of 90+ remote sites in the Greater New Haven region including pump stations, tanks, well fields, throttling valve and pressure reducing valve sites
  • Provided new control panels, field surveys, field wiring, electrical services, trenching, fiberoptic network upgrades, retrofitting of existing panels, demolition, etc.
  • Preliminary cellular radio testing, installation and testing of new cellular radio and antenna systems
  • Retrofitting control panels while maintaining stations online presence
  • Collaborative work efforts with RWA, EES, and EMA to efficiently and successfully transition remote sites and upgrade SCADA to the latest technology of PLC’s and software
  • Offered end used more water usage and supply efficiency, and more streamlined data collection for each remote site

Cheshire WPCP
Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) Upgrade

  • Complete SCADA Upgrade of the Town of Cheshire’s Water Pollution Control Plant
  • 12 UL Listed Instrumentation and Control Panels
  • New Redundant Ethernet/Fiber Optic Network to Transmit Data to Centralized SCADA Server Cabinet
  • 10 Personal Computer Workstations
  • Daily & Monthly Historical Data Reports
  • WIN-911 Alarming Software Configuration
  • Plant Operations Maintained Throughout Upgrade
  • Seamless Integration of New SCADA System

West Haven WPCF
Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) Upgrade

  • SCADA Upgrade of the City of West Haven’s Water Pollution Control Facility
  • Upgrade of the Following Processes:
    – Aeration Control
    – Headworks
    – RAS Control
    – WAS Control
    – MLR Control
    – Denitrification Process
  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix Processors
  • New Industrial Ethernet & Fiber Optic Network
  • New Server Cabinet for Monitoring & Control of Entire Plant Across Workstations
  • Field Instruments Provided:
    – Nitrate Analyzers
    – pH Analyzers
    – ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) Analyzers
    – DO (Dissolved Oxygen) Analyzers
    – Thermal Mass Air Flow Meters
    – Magnetic Flow Meters
    – Level Transmitters
    – Pressure Transmitters
    – Temperature Transmitters

East Lyme/New London
Water Main Interconnection Project

  • Interconnection Project to Bring Fresh Drinking Water to the Towns of East Lyme & New London
  • Two Booster Pump Stations & Water Storage Tank Erected to Provide Water Between Towns
  • Provided the Following Materials & Services:
    -Four Radio Telemetry Control Panels
    -One Analog Signal Splitter Control Panel
    -pH & Chlorine Analyzers
    -Venturi Flow Tube Installation & Differential Pressure Transmitters
    -Magnetic Flowmeters & Gauge Pressure Tranmitters
  • Conducted Radio Path Surveys & Installed Licensed Radios
  • New Radio System Providing Monitoring & Control Between Booster Pump Stations and Storage Tank

Lake Onondaga- Syracuse, NY
EPA Superfund Site – Onondaga Lake Cleanup

  • Lake Onondaga is often Referred to as the Most Polluted Lake in America
  • Fabricated Allen-Bradley Based PLC Control Panels which Included:
    – Carbon Control Panel
    – Make-Up Water Pump Control Panel
    – Sand Slurry Control Panel
  • Supplied & Configured a SCADA Workstation Computer in the Onsite Remediation Trailer
  • Carbon and Sand Slurry Mixture was Sent to a Barge to Cap the Bottom of the Lake
  • Radio Communications Panel Installed to Communicate from the Onsite Trailer to the Barge: GPS Tracking Needed for Accurate Capping of Each Lane’s Specific Dump Requirements

J. L. Lucas Machinery Company, Inc.
Double Disc Grinding Machinery

  • Design & Fabricate CNC (Computer Numeric Control) and Motion Controls for J. L. Lucas Machinery Co., Inc. for Over 20 Years
  • J. L. Lucas Provides Remanufactured Disc Grinders for:
    – Automotive
    – Aerospace
    – Railroad
    – Windmill Parts
    – Other Specialty Machines
  • We Provide the Following:
    – Custom Control Panels
    – Machine Wiring
    – VFDs
    -Start-up & Troubleshooting
    -Programming Integration Using FANUC, Allen-Bradley, Siemens & Mitsubishi CNC/Motion Controllers
  • Design Controls that need to be UL508, CE, CSA. NFPA79 Machinery Standards
  • Part Gauging is Usually Integrated into the Controls for Part Quality and Automatic Compensation to Keep Parts within Specifications
  • Variety of VFDs Used for Main Rotation Equipment, Feeders, and Wheel Dressing Operations
  • VFD’s Include GE, A-B, Fuji, Siemens

Various Industrial Projects and Service

  • Provide Programmable Logic Controllers and Operator Interfaces for Plant Controls
  • Program Operations for Flow Pacing and Batch Operations
  • Connect PLC Nodes to Networks for Viewing in one Central Location
  • Industrial Machinery Automation, Assembling, Automotive, Robotics
  • Troubleshoot and Service Controls and Instruments in System
  • Industrial Treatment Systems for Removal of Unwanted Wastes
  • Service Machinery Controls and Retrofits